Case study

Healthcare Organization

Iowa-Based Healthcare Organization

Local Provider Sought Safety and Savings


This healthcare organization is based in Central Iowa. They have more than 4,000 employees spread across 100 locations throughout the state.

They had an existing fleet of cars, SUVs, pickups, mobility units, security vehicles, vans, and box trucks. They were looking for a partner to help keep down all of the expenses associated with managing a large, wide-ranging fleet—like maintenance, fuel, and replacement costs. 


As a local organization, Ruan was uniquely positioned in this case. We knew the type of work the organization was involved in pretty well. Plus, our service model is based on listening to the customers’ needs and providing solutions that regular leasing companies just wouldn’t offer. 

We knew the customer put safety first, so we began offering a new vehicle with the most safety equipment available. 

And we offered several services to help maximize value, like managing their maintenance and fuel programs. 

In the end, Ruan Car Leasing was able to offer this local provider a healthy savings.