Fleet Maintenance

Maintenance Tracking

We’ll keep you on the road.

Making Sure Your Vehicles Stay in Top Shape  

We partner with Network to track maintenance and fuel for your fleet. Our team will work with you and your drivers to make sure your fleet stays in top shape and has what it needs to stay on the road.

Maintenance and Repair Tracking

Feel confident about your vehicle service. Network's maintenance and repair management program gives your drivers a way to quickly get their vehicle serviced while reducing your workload by giving you access to a team of experts.

Network's program covers all aspects of vehicle repairs. We make sure the work is completed correctly, at a fair price, and on time.

  • Consolidated Reporting - Keep an eye on your fleet and feel confident that the maintenance is completed according to plan with reports covering your entire repair schedule.
  • Vehicle Maintenance Guide (VMG) - When your drivers need service, they just give the VMG to the repair facility, and Network handles the rest.
  • Built to Your Specifications - Structure the parameters of the maintenance program to fit your organization's vehicles and drivers. Manage specific instructions based on company policies, vehicle type and vehicle usage.
  • Optimize Spending - Network’s specialists will submit repairs for warranty and post-warranty consideration, negotiate pricing, and decline unnecessary repairs.
  • Easy Access - Get high-quality maintenance performed by certified technicians at 70,000 locations nationwide.

Fuel Management

Network provides drivers with a fuel card that is accepted nationwide while delivering savings, consolidated information, and purchase control.

This program saves the trouble of having to reimburse drivers for fuel, simplifies record-keeping, reduces fraud, and gives you the information you need to control costs.

  • Less Paperwork - Purchase details are consolidated—no more reviewing individual expense reports and receipts.
  • Greater Control - Restrict driver purchases to your parameters, and monitor them via detailed reporting. Exception reports make it easy to track and reduce nonfuel purchases, unnecessary premium fuel usage, multiple daily fill-ups, and more.
  • Transparency - Invoice and reporting provide all fuel purchase details including location, fuel type, time, date, driver name, vehicle ID, number of gallons, and cost per gallon.
  • Productive Drivers - Each driver gets a fuel card that can be used at fuel stations nationwide—no need to keep track of receipts. And support is available 24/7.