Leasing Options

Lease Management

We’ll make sure you meet budget.

Flexibility for Every Organization

Enjoy flexibility to fit the needs of your organization. Our team will help you decide the best route to meet your budget, retain the accounting treatment you desire, and consider your appetite for risk.


Often referred to as a "walkaway" lease, the closed-end lease can minimize risk and offer a defined termination point. At the end of the agreement, you just return the vehicle within the terms of mileage and wear-and-tear, with no further financial obligation.

In a closed-end lease, the lessee pays for excess mileage and abnormal wear-and-tear.

Choose a closed-end lease if you:

  • Have predictable mileage habits
  • Will not need to terminate the lease prior to the end of the lease term


Often referred to as a capital or finance lease, this is most common for business applications because it offers the flexibility of ownership but preserves the benefits of leasing.

You assume the residual risk at the end of the lease, not unlike the risk associated with purchasing and owning a vehicle.

With an open-end lease you can:

  • Keep credit lines open for business needs
  • Convert the capital expenditure into a monthly expense
  • Reduce up-front sales tax cost

Full Service

Our full-service Comfort Plan is an innovative solution designed for entrepreneurs and small businesses. For a fixed monthly payment, you get the right vehicle for your business, a closed lease, and comprehensive ASE-certified maintenance.

The full-service lease comes with plates and registration, a credit line, maintenance, and gas cards, so you don’t pay out-of-pocket, consolidated invoices that include your vehicle costs and roadside assistance.

At the end of the lease agreement, you get the option to walk away, extend the lease, or make arrangements to purchase the vehicle(s).

*Ruan Car Leasing does not offer tax or accounting advice. Please consult your respective professional.

Choose the full-service Comfort Plan lease if you:

  • Need at least one vehicle for your new or growing business
  • Want to preserve capital for growth
  • Need vehicles that convey your brand
  • Like the idea of having a lease with accounting benefits*