Vehicle Lifecycle Monitoring

Lifecycle Management

We’ll help maximize your investment.

Your Vehicles Can Look Forward to Retirement, Too

Ruan will make sure your company gets maximum resale value and will help you coordinate the disposal of your out-of-service vehicles. We’ll even help track if a better vehicle is available.  

Updates and Trades

The perfectly selected fleet should last you a long time. But the pace of change in the automotive industry means there are new safety features and upgraded technology available on a regular basis. We’ll keep track of what vehicles you have in stock and alert you if a more appropriate option is available.

Resale and Remarketing

Remarketing your out-of-service vehicles in an excellent way to maximize your total investment. But the effort to research the retail value, put it on the market, find a buyer, negotiate a sale, and do the paperwork is almost a full-time job in itself.

Vehicle resale is just another way we can optimize your fleet cycle.

Let Ruan hand the details:

  • Research resale value and ensure the best sale price
  • Manage the disposal or transport of out-of-service vehicles
  • Finalize licenses, titles, bills of sale, and odometer statements