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Driving toward the future since 1932.

Who is Ruan

Our Story.

Ruan was founded during a very challenging time. It was the Great Depression. John Ruan’s father had passed away, and someone needed to provide for the family. So, despite the risk, the 18-year-old sold his family’s car, bought a truck, and began hauling gravel around Iowa. Ruan Transportation Management Systems was born.  

Today, more than 83 years after that first load of gravel was shoveled by hand, the third generation of the Ruan family continues to operate and lead according to the principles passed down by Mr. Ruan: integrity, hard work, innovation, quality customer service, and compassion. Ruan continues to research and develop innovations in fleet management operations. And, we’re leading the transportation industry’s effort to improve its environmental profile.   

Whatever the challenge, we’re committed to finding new and innovative ways to serve our customers.

Our mission is to employ the best team in the industry to move our customers’ business safely, efficiently, and on time, every time.


Transparent Sales

When we write business, we put everything up front. There are no hidden terms or conditions. Pricing and fees are set in plain language. We pride ourselves on being honest and easy to work with.

Mechanic fixes the body of a truck as he stands underneath it.

Customer Focused

Once we make the sale, the job has just started. From ongoing service reminders and maintenance to fleet lifecycle discussions, we're focused on making sure that our customers are well cared for.

Woman hands package to man out of a truck.

Neutral Offerings

We work with all vehicle makers. Unlike car lots or other services, we don’t care what brand of vehicle you drive. As long as you have the right fleet for the job, we’ll know we did our job.

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